By Robin Barrow

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This publication offers and argues for an ethical idea which attracts on many of the significant theoretical positions to some extent, however it additionally spells out the bounds and limits of an ethical conception. In doing so, it exposes a couple of universal confusions and misunderstandings approximately morality, and offers a powerful argument for a few undeniable truths in terms of the ethical sphere. Divided into 4 components, the e-book covers the major concerns inside ethical philosophy: part one offers a lucid and strong account of the character and bounds of ethical idea, sharply distinguishing it from faith part two outlines a favorable ethical thought by way of exploring the defining ideas of morality and the explanations for being ethical part three distinguishes ethical values from others similar to ecological, overall healthiness and defense and sexual values part four is anxious with the results of our ethical knowing for ethical schooling. whereas this publication concentrates on argument and ideas, a observation to every bankruptcy offers historic context and modern reference issues. it is going to end up a useful source for college students of either schooling and Philosophy.

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To the proverbial man in the street, a ‘utilitarian argument’ probably means something like ‘an argument in which the end justifies the means’. A dictionary may define ‘utilitarian’ as ‘useful’, in line with ‘utility’ meaning ‘usefulness’, and define the theory of utilitarianism as ‘the theory that the criterion of virtue is utility’ or as ‘the theory that the highest good lies in the greatest good of the greatest number’. Many introductory textbooks will say that the theory is concerned with the ‘greatest happiness of the greatest number’, and classify it as both a consequentialist theory (meaning that it assesses the moral worth of an action by reference to its consequences) and as a teleological, as opposed to a deontological, theory (meaning that it judges acts by their tendency to promote an end, rather than positing certain acts as morally right in themselves, regardless of consequences).

Several months later, impoverished, ruined, and alone, the war now being over, he happened to pass his two jailers on the street, talking and laughing cheerfully and looking in the pink of health. They were never called to account either for their treatment of him or for any other of their grotesque and brutal acts during the war. The point of telling this story, merely one of thousands that can be told about man’s inhumanity to man, is to highlight the question of how anyone in the world in which we live is supposed to sustain any faith in a moral universe.

D. Hudson Modern Moral Philosophy. Aristotle has some interesting things to say about friendship in the Nicomachean Ethics, while the argument I introduce to the effect that it doesn’t make sense to presume that it doesn’t matter if you break a promise is Kantian in spirit. C. Smart and Bernard Williams Utilitarianism: For and Against, and on happiness see Robin Barrow Happiness, Elizabeth Telfer Happiness, and Nel Noddings Happiness and Education. There are hints of social contract theory as early as Plato’s Republic, but the key texts remain those already cited in the Commentary on the Introduction above, particularly those of Rousseau and Rawls.

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