By R G Collingwood

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One of many nice Oxford philosopher's most interesting works, Essay on Metaphysics considers the character of philosophy, and places ahead Collingwood's unique and influential theories of causation, presuppositions, and the good judgment of query and resolution. This new version contains 3 attention-grabbing unpublished items that remove darkness from and enlarge the Essay.

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Forlorn hope. It must be s(∂ · T1/1 ) = 0. This condition has only the trivial solution T1/1 = 0. Since one cannot form scalars with one derivative, we are forced to consider cubic couplings with two derivatives. This is the root of “non-normalizability” (in Epstein – Glaser jargon) of gravitation. There are 12 possible combinations in T1 involving only h with two derivatives, and 21 combinations in T1 involving h, u, u, ˜ with two derivatives and zero total ghost number. At the end of the day, one obtains T1 = T1h + T1u , with T1h uniquely proportional to L(1) (modulo physically irrelevant divergences), and T1u = a − u α (∂β u˜ ρ )∂α h βρ + (∂β u α ∂α u˜ ρ − ∂α u α ∂β u˜ ρ + ∂ρ u α ∂β u˜ α )h βρ .

Then in view of the Serre – Swan theorem K 0 (C(X )) = K 0 (X ). Given an ordinary space X , the real K -group K O 0 (X ) – actually, it is a ring, with product given by pullback by the diagonal map of the tensor product – for X is obtained as the Grothendieck group for real vector bundles. Higher order groups are defined by suspension. If X is Hausdorff and compact, we have K O i (X ) K O i+8 (X ); this is real Bott periodicity. Recall that we have K O 0 (∗) = Z, K O 1 (∗) = K O 2 (∗) = Z2 , K O 3 (∗) = 0, K O 4 (∗) = Z, K O 5 (∗) = K O 6 (∗) = K O 7 (∗) = 0.

The calculations are excruciatingly long, and of little interest. They, as well as the explicit expression of T1/1 , can be found in [37], to which we remit. By the way, had we tried to use gμν = ημν + λh μν instead of (18), then T1h turns out much more complicated – even after elimination of a host of divergence couplings. More intrinsically interesting are the calculations of CGI at second order, also done in [37], which indeed reproduce L(2) . e. to define) the time-ordered products Tn based on splitting of distributions.

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An Essay on Metaphysics. Second Printing. by R G Collingwood

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