By Don Herweck

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Power is throughout us. people use power, machines use power, and warmth and tool use power. strength is located in lots of kinds, and there are various power resources. individuals are operating to increase new, renewable resources of strength for destiny generations.

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Pedlosky, J. “Geophysical Fluid Dynamics: Springer Study Edition”, Springer, 1982. J. Acoust. Soc. , 29, 435, 1957. L. Fabrikant. Uspekhi Fiz. Nauk, 159, vyp. 1, 83, 1989. CHAOTIC AND ORDERED STRUCTURES IN THE DEVELOPED TURBULENCE Mikhail Ya. Marov and Aleksander V. V. ru Abstract In an open hydrodynamic turbulent system new relationships between different regions set up because of coherent interactions of the flow subsystems involved. This increases internal ordering of the system compared to random fluctuations on molecular level.

Synergetic approach to the developed turbulence study open new horizons in the theory of dynamic systems and improvement of astrophysical models. Keywords: Irreversible thermodynamics, turbulence in compessible fluids Introduction Turbulence is regarded as the most complicated natural phenomena caused by liquid flow in an essentially non-equilibrium open system. Various multi- 23 Alexei M. Fridman, et al. ), Astrophysical Disks; Collective and Stochastic Phenomena 23–54 c 2006 Springer. Printed in the Netherlands 24 PROGRESS IN STUDY OF ASTROPHYSICAL DISKS scales coherent structures1 set up in chaotic turbulent flows, in particular those in our space environment and in the Universe.

It is worth to note that only con0 ditional mean values f (n(t)) = f (n)P2 (n0 , t0 |n, t) dn for the stationary assemble depends on time and this is just the values which are related with the macroscopic transfer equations. , Landau and Lifshitz, 1988) by the cascade energy transfer through eddy spectrum of the different temporal-spatial scales. Qualitatively, Richardson cascade scheme looks as follows: Small eddies take energy due to progressive splitting of the large ones, the process being controlled by the Reynolds number Re = L0 u0 /ν that corresponds to large-scale motion of the flow (L0 – characteristic size of large-scale eddies; ν – kinematic molecular viscosity).

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All About Energy: Physical Science (Science Readers) by Don Herweck

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