By Rainer Friedrich, Wolfgang Rodi

ISBN-10: 1402004869

ISBN-13: 9781402004865

Includes the complaints of the EUROMECH Colloquium, held in Munich, Germany. Articles specialise in new advancements within the box of large-eddy simulation of complicated flows regarding the themes of modeling and research of subgrid scales, numerical matters in LES, and combustion and magnetohydrodynamics.

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A sketch of the compression ramp flow configuration is shown in Fig. 5. The oncoming turbulent boundary layer is deflected at the compression corner, and for sufficiently large deflection angles the adverse pressure gradient due to the shock can cause the boundary layer to separate. The resolution of the LES is 334 × 31 × 91, whereas 1001 × 81 × 181 grid points were used for the DNS. The LES resolution was determined by the requirement to accurately predict the skin friction. A good prediction of statistically averaged mean flow quantities and correlations can be achieved with even fewer grid points.

Is positive semi-definite and bounded by as can be seen from is a measure of the approximation error. Exact eq. (6). The product of and which is well satisfied for see inversion is achieved where Fig. 1. The effect of non-represented scales on the resolved scales cannot be in the flux term. In order to modeled by just replacing the unfiltered with to scales energy is drained model the energy transfer from scales by subtracting a relaxation term from the range from the right-hand side of equation (3) which gives, using (4): with 36 S.

HOW CAN WE MAKE LES TO FULFILL ITS PROMISE ? 27 In figure 5 we show the decay of E at together with the cor­ responding unfiltered DNS-results. The predictions on the coarser grids at do not appear to approach the limit in a systematic manner. However, the proximity of a DNS renders the results for E at quite acceptable, despite the numerical contamination. This fortuitous situation of course does not apply in more demanding simulations of realistic we observe a systematic approach towards the turbulent flow.

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Advances in LES of complex flows: proceedings of the Euromech Colloquium 412, held in Munich, Germany 4-6 October 2000 by Rainer Friedrich, Wolfgang Rodi

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Advances in LES of complex flows: proceedings of the by Rainer Friedrich, Wolfgang Rodi PDF
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