By William S. Leigh

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3 In a disorganized and aberrated body, the fascia in certain parts becomes rigid and stuck to itself or other tissues of the body. Ida said, "It's as though you have an overcoat with a safety pin hold­ ing the lining. Someone has pinned the lining to your coat, and it doesn't fit any more. " She was willing to do whatever was necessary to free the fascia. It might be strum­ ming a tendon as if it were a string on a violin, digging a muscle or tendon free from its neighbor with her fingernails, or poking her elbow in an armpit.

The All-Pro Ted gave me a push that sent me across the room. Then he rolled to his feet and, with fists clenched, paced the room cussing out a player whom he called by name, telling me how this guy had hit him on the blind side. They had carried Ted off the football field. His face, his body, his voice were really into reliving that inci­ dent in his life. Slowly, he let go of the pain and emotion and finally lay back down on my table. I put my elbow back into the same spot in his hip and had him move his knee back and forth.

Getting Taller He was one of those tall ectomorphs—long, skinny legs, high, coat-hanger shoulders—and not much meat to work with. He loved running, and it was a major part of his life. There was a lot of pain for us to work through, and although he seemed able to run through the pain of marathon training, he was not particularly willing to work through it on the table. His first session was a real problem for us both. I had trouble doing my job, and he had trouble handling the discomfort that kept coming up.

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