By Charles Singer et al (eds)

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W ell, the sides o f a canister o f preserved meat w ill bulge out too i f any decomposition is going on within and b y this infallible sign may a good canister be known from a bad one----- T his takes time, hence it is far from a safe plan to purchase these preserved provisions immediately after they have been prepared. FlGUitE 9— Interior o f a Houndsditck cannery, 1852, saline bath heated above the boiling point o f water, and left therein until the air has been expelled as completely as possible by the air generated within them ; the hole in the cover is now hermetically closed with a little solder, the tin being m om entarily touched with a damp sponge to stop the egress o f steam.

1952. Sneller, Z . W . ’ Wolters, Groningen. 1951. T row-S mith, R. ’ Faber, London. 1951. W adham, S. M . and W ood, G . L . ’ Melbourne University Press, Melbourne. 1939. W ajllace, R. ’ Ottawa. 1894. W atson, J. A . S. and Hobbs, M ay E. ’ Faber, London. 1937. W illis, J. ’ University Press, Cambridge. 1909. Idem. ‘Recent Progress in Tropical A griculture.. . ’ ‘D y lo n Observer’ Press, D lom bo . 1910. FOOD MANAGEMENT processes like bacon- and ham-curing and the manufacture o f milk-products (chiefly cheese and butter), as well as to the more modern processes like canning, refngeration, and dehydration which, from the first, have required special plant and equipment.

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