By Hans C. Boas

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Offering a unified resolution in the frameworks of development Grammar and body Semantics, Hans Boas develops an account of resultative structures in English by way of grouping them in sessions: conventionalized and non-conventionalized. The usage-based version used right here proposes that every specific experience of a verb constitutes a conventionalized mini-construction, that's an important details for the licensing of arguments. by contrast, verbs in non-conventionalized resultative buildings can collect a singular which means and thereby a brand new syntactic body. English and German resultatives are in comparison to illustrate the particular lexical polysemy networks of English and German verbs.

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On this view , resultative constructions are capable of supplying a verb's semantics wîth additional arguments such as resultatîve phrases and postverbal NPs. Whîle this approach arrives at a much more detailed analysis of resultative constructions than previous accounts , 1 show that it is problematic in terms of the range of application of constructions. More specifically , Goldberg's constraints on the fusion of constructional and verbal semantics are imprecise when it comes to capturing the full semantic and syntactic range of resultative phrases.

E. , the matrix verb has to assign an internal theta-role , it is of Ii ttle help in dealing with the present data. e. , even if we were to assume with other SC adherents that the matrix verb assigns a propositional theta喃 role to the SC (see Hoekstra 1992a, 1992b, 1992叶, we would not have any way of ruling out the sentence in (2. 凹的. This seems to be related to the fact that SC Theory does not give an exact description or characterization of the theta-role assigned to the SC constituent. 1 suspect that the difference in acceptability has to do with the fact that the semantic interpretation of the matrix verb is in some way incompatible with that of the resultative phrase.

V] or [Spec. Pr j. (Bowers 1997: 44) The movement operations that apply to derive the correct word order are explained as fo Il ows: In both cases , the strong S features wi1l ultimately force the subject DP to move overtly to [Spec , T] , whereas the 申o features (which are weak in English) will not be checked until LF. Similarly , the strong [acc] casemarked subject of the resultative PrP is forced to move overtly to [Spec. V] to check case features. (Bowers 1997: 45) SYNTACTIC ApPROACHES TO RESULTATIVES 139 Bowers points out that the advantage of his approach is that it allows him to analyze both transitive and intransitive resultatives along the same lines.

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