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We shall find opportunity to use the "region of resonance" idea repeatedly in the applications of our theory. On the other hand, for large k—slow collisions—no non-adiabatic transitions will occur, since the motion is adiabatic. "P" SUMMARY OF THE THEORY Before concluding the theoretical part of this work it is well to make some remarks about the magnitude of the a, b elements of P as a function of the separation in energy of the levels a, b. An element of P is given by {a\P\b)= f d/expCWXalffiMI*).

Kittel, Rev. Mod. Phys. 21, 541 (1949). * G. C. Danielson, unpublished. W. Kaenzig, Phys. Rev. 80, 94 (1950). / 4. Fig. 4: I t as a function of temperature in BaTiC>3. tions add up to zero polarization for the specimen as a whole. Through beautiful theoretical and experimental work3 the domains in ferromagnets have come in quite recent years to be understood and definitely "pinned down" theoretically, as well as made visible experimentally with the powder pattern technique. The opposite order is the rule in ferroelectrics: the domains are easily visible and, in some cases, have been the first observed evidence of ferro-electricity: it has been easier to identify a ferroelectric optically by looking for domains than electrically by finding a hysteresis loop — although the latter, it must be said, is a far surer test, since domain-like twinning is found to be surprisingly common.

FIG. 7 O SAME CORRECTED FOR \ EXPERIMENTAL SMEARING -0)'f «F%)K/-^/-D = \ J2 ( 2 / - l ) ( 2 / + 3 ) J R3 (13) in the case of rotational resonance of dumbell molecules. Then this energy change is inserted as the diagonal B(t) in the simple phase-shift theory. This is for precise resonance; if imprecise resonance occurs, the "quasiresonance" type of calculation such as the following is used. If two levels are separated by a small difference in energy A, and an interaction V'« is assumed between them, the energy E of the perturbed levels is computed from the secular equation (A/2)-£ Vik FIG.

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