By Gelfand A. E.

This paper characterizes the cycle constitution of a very random web. Variables similar to variety of cycles of a specific size, variety of cycles, variety of cyclic states and size of cycle are studied. A sq. array of indicator variables permits conveninent examine of second constitution. also, designated and asymptotic distributional effects are offered.

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Html9/3/2006 14:14:29 Composite Hypothesis next up previous contents index Next: Confidence Level Up: No Title Previous: Clipping Composite Hypothesis A hypothesis with one or more free parameters. As an example, the hypothesis that the decay of a given particle is purely exponential with unknown lifetime, is a composite hypothesis. The testing of a composite hypothesis involves first estimating the unknown parameter(s). In the actual test, it is then necessary to compensate for the fact that the parameter(s) has (have) been fitted using the same data.

Programs performing fits using the Chebyshev norm are usually more time consuming than least squares fit programs, but can be found in some program libraries. A specific application to track fitting can be found in [James83]. Rudolf K. html9/3/2006 14:14:15 Chebyshev Polynomials next up previous contents index Next: Chi-Square Distribution Up: No Title Previous: Chebyshev Norm Chebyshev Polynomials For the Chebyshev polynomials of the first kind are defined by In particular, for is a Fourier series in .

The algorithm requires keeping track of six function points at all times, which are iteratively updated, reducing the minimum-enclosing interval continually. An algorithm is given in [Press95]. Rudolf K. html9/3/2006 14:14:06 Cauchy Distribution next up previous contents index Next: Cellular Automata Up: No Title Previous: Brent's Method Cauchy Distribution A random variable X follows the Cauchy distribution if its probability density function is Its mode and median are zero, but the expectation value, variance and higher moments are undefined since the corresponding integrals diverge.

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